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The Work

The Need

One of our greatest assets in New Mexico is our culture — people come from across the globe to experience the art, food and rhythms of daily life in the state. Artists flock here, too. Georgia O’Keefe, Mabel Dodge Luhan, Ansel Adams and others came to New Mexico in the 30’s and 40’s and provoked the world’s imagination. Today, Hollywood uses our landscapes for their blockbusters.


While it’s great that there’s so much attention, it’s time we tell our own story. And it’s time to invest in artists and creatives that are part of a movement for social change and who are key to dismantling the childhood wellbeing crisis.

ArribaNM seeks artist proposals by invitation and on an open basis from June 2017 to September 2018. All artistic disciplines and mediums are encouraged to submit. Interactive, immersive installations and pop ups designed to engage an audience or passion community to envision new possibilities for the future and social justice are encouraged. People of color, women, LGBTQ, immigrants, disabled strongly urged to apply. Artists will work with and get support from Design Studio for Social Intervention, as well as local maker, hacker and artist spaces. “Day Stipends”of $100-150 for pop up facilitation and support, and "Awards” of $2,000 are available for design and creation of engaging tools for communities and families facing a child well being crisis. With support for supplies and fabrication during installations. Collaborations are encouraged to increase scale. 

The questions we're asking artists are: 


- What pop culture/passion community audience do you want to engage, why? 

- What do you want to learn from them/what data will you collect? What issues or vision could they relate to/speak to? 

- What do they watch, read, listen to or otherwise consume as media? 

- What kind of mobile tool do you want to make? 

For more information or to apply email us answers to the above questions at


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